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Thank you for your interest in the “Safe Water Gardens” project. We would love to hear from you.


Safe Water Gardens (SWG) Pte. Ltd.
20A King Albert Park
Singapore (598324)

Help sponsor the very first whole village to receive Safe Water Gardens

After 3 years of research by top universities, we are ready to engage the power of community self-help mechanisms to start rolling out Safe Water Gardens.

Our impact

We have constructed hundreds of successful projects across Indonesia and Shell is busy designing a construction manual that will be accessible even to people who are not literate. Now the time has come to show that an entire village can equip itself with Safe Water Gardens, so that other villages across Indonesia can follow suit.

Why we need your help

If we can raise a hundred times US$ 1,500 for a 100 Safe Water Gardens, we can…

  • prepare the pilot village
  • run the necessary trainings
  • let the village people complete the construction of one Safe Water Garden per household for a whole village (under ongoing monitoring)
  • report back to you – our sponsors – in full, during and after the project

Feeling active? Come and help us dig!

The pilot village project is just a stone throw from Singapore, in Bintan, and you are very welcome to help construct the SWG that you are sponsoring. Half a day is all it takes! Even if you can’t make it over, we will put a plague with the name(s) of the sponsor, you will receive photos of “your” Safe Water Garden and the recipient family, you will know exactly where the family is located, you could contact them and you could visit them any time – and we hope you will!